Gazeta Workshop is a digital community for scholars interested in the history of the press in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia. We are an academic forum for scholars in the humanities and social sciences to share research related to the history of the press, journalism, and the news from the 18th century to the present. The inspiration for Gazeta Workshop originated in conversations between Ala Graff and Yelizaveta Raykhlina, two historians interested in developing an interdisciplinary and international community of scholars analyzing the historical press. We are excited to learn about press scholars’ work, exchange ideas, and collaborate on academic projects!

Gazeta Workshop hosts virtual meetings for scholars to present their research on press history across Eurasia.  We welcome presentations from museum and archival curators, historians, literary scholars, and scholars in other academic disciplines working with newspapers, journals, almanacs, magazines, and other forms of periodicals circulating in the Eurasian, East European, and Russian space. Gazeta Workshop also welcomes talks on periodical collections available to scholars and “tech talks” on the use of digital humanities methods with digitized periodical collections.

Upcoming Events